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Almost every atheist I’ve spoken to doesn’t understand what we mean by “God”. So, what an atheist is denying I would deny too. Most atheists deny that there is a ‘supreme being’ or an ‘item’ in or above the world, and I would deny that too. Or a distant object that wound things up and went into retirement -I would deny that too. Also, most atheists construe God as a ‘competitor’, he’s in competition with us. Somehow, if God gets the glory, I get less glory. If God is in charge, I can’t be in charge. [But according to] St. Thomas Aquinas if God is the ground of our being, the more we give glory to God, the more we are elevated. I tend to agree with most atheists. I think they are right in denying this ‘false god’. But the ‘true God’ I think they just have as much hunger for.
Fr. Robert Barron, (main site) quote source
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